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In Verification We Trust!

Make security certification less costly, shorter, 
& more reusable with higher assurance.

Announcing the

Security Testing & Certification Tool

 - The Shield - 

Reducing cost & time for
internal audit & certification

Certification & Assurance

fuse to form a perfect union. Without the latter, you cannot have the former. However, at the core of assurance is "measurement."

Recall the old truism

"One cannot trust what one cannot measure

one cannot
measure what one cannot define

Remember "trust, but verify"   

  • How do you know what is being measured and what is it being measured for, and 

  • To what level of confidence do you know? 

The Shield Security Testing & Certification Tool
The Shield's modeling, precision, visualization, gap analysis, and projection functions are ideal for high assurance certification needs. Leverage existing evidence of state captured due to other compliance programs and reuse the evidence towards certification requirements.
Apply a systematic well-organized method to understand the requirements and where they fit in various control frameworks and to track progress towards fulfillment. 
Single multi-stakeholder concurrent use of a single version of trust captures and preserve institutional knowledge.